Jesus is Our Inheritance

The 72 Return

The Messengers of the King

Jesus is Worthy of First Place

How Christians Lose Sight of Who Jesus Is

We Are the Church that lives in COMMUNITY

We Are the Church that Serves One Another

We Are the Church that COMMITS

Why Baptism?

Jesus Is Chosen Son of God

Loaded Questions

Who is This Man?

Making a Difference for God

Lend Me Your Ear

The Parable of the Soils

Jesus is the Forgiver of Sins

Jesus is a Friend of Sinners

Jesus is Powerfully Compassionate

Jesus Is Our Only Hope

Jesus is a Firm Foundation

Jesus Is the Ultimate Judge

The Resurrection: Is it True and Does it Matter?

Jesus is Worth It

Jesus Is the Lord of the Sabbath

Out with the Old and In with the New

Jesus is the Only Faith Healer

Jesus is Enough

Jesus is the Ultimate Authority

Jesus Is Not Neutral

The Gospel According to Jesus

Gospel Giving(part 3)

Gospel Giving(part 2)

Gospel Giving

Inconvenient Church

Gospel-Shaped Community

Gospel Community: Knowing God through Love

Hello My Name Is Busy

Joy to the World: Durable and Dangerous

Joy to the World: Emmanuel has Come to Rescue Us

Joy to the World: Chasing Joy

Joy to the World: Good News

Jesus Is Better

Jesus Is Prepared For

Jesus Was A Boy

Garden Woes

Jesus is Presented

Jesus is Announced

Jesus is Salvation

Jesus is a Silence Breaker

Gospel Service

Gospel People... Give

Gospel Community