We believe that some of the most critical years for developing a biblical worldview and pattern of living for God happen between 6th-12th grade. Our hope is to help parents lead their students to live God-honoring lives starting today! We focus on providing: gospel-centered teaching, an amazing volunteer team, a loving community and the tools to provide parents the context and content to disciple their students faithfully.

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"Were heading into 2021 with a lot of uncertainty, therefore we must be certain about our faith." 

Jonathan Felix



Join us for this new series called "Gospel Culture." We will look at what living the gospel out looks likes in our everyday lives. Culture is the invisible force that compels people’s thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes. By engaging in daily spiritual disciplines, we can learn to graduate from the fallacies of our earthly culture and adopt a new culture, a better culture – the culture centered on the gospel. We will be meeting Friday nights at 6:30pm on the following dates:


Jun 11,25 | July 9,23